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Beer me, Minnesota!

Find your local beer match

Whether you’re a creature of habit or always up for something new, this tool will help you get to know what’s brewing in Minnesota. We’ve catalogued more than 100 beers from 36 Minnesota breweries and sorted them by five characteristics.

Adjust the sliders to your taste, and we’ll find beers that best match your preferences. Not sure where to begin? Try typical values for a Pilsner, India Pale Ale or Stout.

International Bittering Units
Measures the bitterness of beer. Bitterness is generally derived from the addition of hops.
Hardly bitter
Very bitter?
Standard Reference Method
Measures the color of a beer. Color is often derived from grains used.
Light color
Dark color?
On a scale of 1 to 5
How strong a beer smells, often indicative of ingredients.
Low aroma
High aroma?
Alcohol By Volume
Measures how much of the total amount of liquid is alcohol.
Less alcohol
More alcohol?
On a scale of 1 to 5
The consistency or thickness of a beer in one’s mouth. A pilsner would generally be thin-bodied, while a stout would be full-bodied.
Light body
Full body?

My desired beer


The Star Tribune sent a survey to brewers in the state requesting information about their favorite brews. We limited our requests to those licensed and brewing only in Minnesota during 2013. Those that responded are included in the graphic.

Our matchmaker computes the mathematical distance between the input values and every brew in our system. All five characteristics are given equal weight. Brews with any unknown values are disqualified.