The 10 best skyway lunch spots

Out-of-towners can be forgiven if they stroll along the frigid and empty sidewalks of a prosperous-looking downtown Minneapolis and wonder where all the people have gone. Two words: Look up. They’re in the skyway system, that bewildering maze of climate-controlled, second-story bridges and corridors that connect 80-plus city blocks. It’s not just people, either. The skyways are also the place to encounter a seemingly endless stream of quick-service daytime restaurants. Some are mom-and-pop shops, others are national chains. There are beloved Minneapolis classics, and hot newcomers.

Green + the Grain

200 S. 6th St. (U.S. Bank Plaza skyway)
Brian Peterson

The skyways sport a small fraternity of salad-focused spots, including Sprout, Greenfield Natural Kitchen and the Salad Bar, but this fast-growing former food trucker is the one that stands out from the pack, thanks to the menu’s variety and ingenuity. Visit the 6th Street location for downtown’s tastiest frozen yogurt.

(612) 339-5774