Pottery for sale in the North Loop

North Loop

N. 5th Av. & N Washington Av., Mpls.
Pottery for sale in the North Loop Jeff Wheeler

Just on the northern outskirts of downtown is Minneapolis’ fastest-growing, hippest neighborhood, the North Loop. Home to boutiques and specialty stores, it’s also become a hotbed of locally owned restaurants. Parking can be limited.

Shop: Nestled among restored lofts, you’ll find some of Minneapolis’ most stylish shops, including D. Nolo (219 N. 2nd St., 612-584-3244), a co-op of five cutting-edge retailers, and the venerable Grethen House for women (212 3rd Av. N., 612-339-5702). The North Loop also boasts some of the area’s trendiest men’s stores — Martin Patrick 3 (212 3rd Av. N., No. 106, 612-746-5329) and Askov Finlayson (204 N. 1st St., 612-206-3925), known for its North line of clothing. Notable nationals include Filson and Shinola.

Eat and drink: Red Rabbit (201 Washington Av. N., 612-767-8855) is a surprisingly affordable, rustic-chic spot, pairing craft cocktails and wine with Italian classics: pizzas, lasagna and burrata. And a roasted head of cauliflower that is worth its $16 price tag. Prefer whiskey to wine? Head to Dalton & Wade (323 Washington Av. N., 612-236-4020), a hideaway with 200 whiskey selections. Nolo’s Kitchen (515 Washington Av. N., 612-800-6033) is a must-stop for a casual dinner or a nightcap at its Basement Bar.